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Music is the fix!

November 06, 2018

I voted today!

Finally, I get to slap my two cents on the table.  The talking heads don't matter.  No toe the party line, non-listening, my party is the only thing that matters zealot was in the booth with me and what I say finally goes.

How the heck did we get here?  

I love the Blues.  I love Rock.  Some Country, some Jazz and so on.  I love talking to people about those genres.  I share some things they might not know but mostly I listen and learn.  The best thing though is to wind up across the table from a passionate Thrash Metal or Rap lover.  I have difficulty wrapping my head, rather my ears, around those genres.  I generally believe that the purpose of music is to excite some significant portion of a generation and that success is defined by a passionate following.  If that's true then my inability to appreciate the genre is far more likely to be due to my ignorance than the merit of the music.  So finding a credible guide fulfills my desire to learn, to understand the allure, the artistry, the passion.  It's not going to sap my love of the Blues in the least but it does open my mind, make me better understand and support those who hear different, but just as credible, music than me.

Isn't that what we have forgotten how to do about so many things that matter so much?

The next time you are on the verge of a political discussion with a new acquaintance detour just a bit and ask them what kind of music they like.  Then carry over the attributes of that discussion to the next one.  Then suggest the same thing to your Senator.

Go vote!

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